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We only work with premium quality hair, which we process or colour to your individual requirements.

That’s why we don’t have an online shop or add to cart button, because we will custom make the hair you want/order to your specifications, individually.

Please fill in our form and we will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your requirements in detail.

Important questions include: straight, wavy, thin, thick, length, colour depth, whether you need ombre dyeing before processing, and approximately how much waste you can expect to lose during processing.

Important considerations and questions when processing hair:
– what head size to prepare for
– what colour thread should be used to sew the braided hair down (so that it blends completely into your own hair when you have it done)

For tweezed hair:
– heat seal mini or normal
– cold fusion extension
– mikrolink hair extensions
– nanolink hair extensions

If you have any qouestions about our services, please feel free contact me.


Call us now! Phone number: +36306163031
E-mail: euhaj.info@gmail.com

Címünk: Budapest XIII. Visegrádi utca 76.,
“Cezar Ház” near West End!

If you are interested in our products or services, please do not hesitate to contact me via Viber or WhatsApp.

Phone number: +36306163031

Hair dealer EuHaj studio offers only premium, assorted, and the finest hair extensions to its customers. We welcome our customers with expertise and styling consultancy! To place an order, please contact me or make an appointment to choose the hair you like in person.


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